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Each lot will have a published starting bid amount below which it will not be sold. The starting bid is very modest and should not be interpreted as a  percentage of the value of the artwork. An estimate is also provided.

To get started, I ask that you fill out the REGISTRATION FORM that follows. Upon receipt and verification, you'll be assigned a bidder number, which I'll send you by email. Those of you without computer access will receive a telephone call instead. You do not have to wait for a bidder number to submit your bid. However... if you don't hear from me within a reasonable amount of time, please call me at 307/333-2517. I want to make certain not to miss anyone who wishes to participate.

The bid form is straightforward. Fill it out and submit. Of course there are a variety of approaches for auction success... how you want to think of it strategically is up to you. Whether you list a maximum bid or simply a starting bid, the key to success is checking the “call-back” box. Not doing so would mean that your bid could be exceeded without your knowing it, and so not knowing that it was your turn to bid again. That said, registered bidders can call me at any time and ask me about the current bid and I'll tell you. It is imperative that bids be placed on increment. Bids in amounts other than the published increments will be entered at the next lower incremental bid.

The published deadline for the submission of bids is firm... some people may choose to bid by mail and the cut-off for those bidders will be considered that day's mail. The cut-off time is designed to occur later in the day than the mail delivery to avoid bidders being excluded. THE CUT-OFF TIME FOR BIDS IS 3:00 (Mountain Time), FEBRUARY 10TH, 2011. Note that Mountain Time is two hours behind the East Coast, one behind Central and one ahead of the West Coast. Those of you outside of the contiguous 48 states can always call me and ask the current time here.

Once the bid cut-off time has arrived, the “call-back” period will begin. All bids are entered competitively. Bidders will be called back in bidder number order as necessary. When I call you, I'll tell you the current bid level, as well as what you'd need to bid to stay active. You can raise the bid or stop bidding as part of that conversation. You will have 15 minutes (not 16) to decide whether to raise your bid and that's regardless of whether I speak to you in person or leave a message on your answering machine. If you prefer that I not leave a message on your machine, please indicate that on either the registration form, or on the bid form. If you choose to use the 15 minutes to decide (rather than raising it when I call you), it will be up to you to call me back to raise the bid. Please note that during that period I will be calling other bidders and hence, by the time you call me back, the bid you had been considering may have been surpassed.

There is no set time for the closing of the bidding portion of the auction. Essentially it ends 15 minutes after the placing of the high bid.

Buyer's premium – The buyer's premium (10%) is in addition to the winning bid amount.

Shipping – Also additional. Shipping within the United States will be by FedEx “standard overnight” service and will depend on your shipping address. This amount will be included on the winning bidder's invoice. If you need an estimate of shipping charges ahead of time, just drop me an email or call... please don't wait for that until the last day, I'll be busy doing the call-backs.

Invoicing – Invoices will be emailed within 24 hours of the close of the auction. A duplicate invoice will be sent by regular mail

Payment – As a small operation, I'm not set up to accept credit or debit cards. Payment in full must be made by check, money order or wire transfer, within ten days of the close of the auction. You also have the option of paying via PayPal. Please note that the fee charged for withdrawal from my PayPal account will be included on the invoice. This will add approximately 3.75% to your total. Winning invoices will include both a standard payment total and a PayPal total... the choice of payment methods is up to you.  Also included will be wiring instructions. All payments must clear my bank account prior to the shipment of art.

Preview – Works of art are available for on-site inspection here in Casper, WY. Please let me know in plenty of time if you'd like to arrange a viewing. I'm hopeful that auction day itself will be a busy one and with that in mind, the last day for previews will be the day prior to the bidding deadline. I've endeavored to describe and show the works accurately. Should you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to inquire well in advance of the deadline.

Tips for success – Unlike auctions that take place online... there is no advantage to waiting for the last moment to bid.

If you want to be successful --- and presumably you do, otherwise you wouldn't bid--- follow these simple suggestions.

  • Place your maximum bid at a level below which you don't need to reconsider your desire to own the lot.
  • Check the call-back box, so you can follow the bidding and know exactly where you stand as the auction progresses.
  • On the day of the auction... be near your telephone and indicate alternate phone numbers if applicable.


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