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Artist: Artist Unidentified (active 1930s or 1940s)

Description: Four images of Campbell's Soup kids in the kitchen.

Caption: not known

Publication information: Published as advertisement spots by Campbell's. Exact dates of usage are unknown at present.

Medium: Ink and watercolor.

Size: 3 x 3” each

Signature: none signed.

Condition: Individual images are cut from larger sheets of illustration board and are matted and presented together as shown. Boards are lightly toned, as one would expect with something from this period. More specifically, the salad bowl in the second subject, the entire figure and placard in the third subject are each executed on separate sheets and pasted down. In the third subject, this figure was likely part of a more elaborate composition and was trimmed to the single figure for reuse. In the fourth subject, there is adhesive residue from a lost paste-down that would have originally covered the basket of eggs. Older, but not vintage, matting and frame.

Comment: When Grace Drayton died in 1936, Campbell's had to find an illustrator whose work was close enough to Ms. Drayton's without seeming to slavishly copy it. Whoever painted these pictures pulled it off convincingly. As far as icons of American advertising go, it's tough to find something more widely, or more instantly, recognized than the Campbell's Soup kids.

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