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  Artist: Harrison Fisher (1877-1934)

Description: Attractive young woman at formal ball

Caption: “The Debutante”

Publication information: Originally created for the book Pictures in Color (published in 1910) as plate #1. The image was also used, with the background figures obscured, as the cover for Ladies' Home Journal of September 1910. Also reproduced in full in Fair Americans (published in 1911) as plate #36. Published internationally too as a postcard design.

Literature: “The Complete Works of Harrison Fisher Illustrator” by Naomi Welch, published in 1999.

Medium: Watercolor and gouache on board

Size: 25.5 x 19.5”

Signature: Signed and dated center right.

Condition: Board somewhat wavy especially at top center, area of foxing at upper center, a couple drips that have effected color of woman's dress which should be clearly visible in the photos. Should be easy to remedy. Overall good for its age, not framed

Comment: Fisher was a master of a couple important aspects of the creation of success in the field of American illustration during his heyday.... He painted pictures that people liked and liked well enough to keep looking at them after they were finished with the book or the magazine... and... he was great at promoting what could be called the shelf-life of his images. This image, sometimes appearing in a somewhat altered format, was used at least five times... each resulting in a paycheck for the illustrator. If you have access to the Naomi Welch book, be sure to read the few pages that discuss Margery Allwork, the model.

Price: $14,000.










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