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 I'm in the office most days from about 8am - 5pm MT
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To help me keep up with my clients, I ask that you fill out this brief page… As the business becomes more established I’ll be sending mass-mailers to customers, announcing new inventory, projects and other information (some interesting and important and some not). In the meantime, be sure to check my website periodically. Or Email fred@tarabaillustrationart.com


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If you’re essentially an omnivore when it comes to your taste in illustration, check this box * I’m an omnivore and proud of it.

Taraba Illustration Art is always interested in having more quality illustrative artwork to sell. If you have things with which you’d consider parting, please send images and particulars… either via email or to my mailing address P.O. Box 1438 Casper, WY 82602. Your submissions will be handled in confidence.

It’s also useful for me to know how you’ve learned of Taraba Illustration Art, LLC… please check all that apply.

I dealt with Fred when he was with Illustration House.

I stumbled upon Taraba Illustration Art, LLC while searching
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I followed the links from another site and wound up here

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I saw Taraba Illustration Art’s recent
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I met Fred at

I dreamt that I should start collecting American illustrative artwork,
my quest for fulfillment led me here.

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Rest assured that the information that you provide here will not be sold, rented, traded or shared. I do my level best to protect my clients.

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