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Clark, Benton

Price: $5,400.00

Description: Tough cowboys and prairie woman

Comment: Sometimes a light will go on above one’s head... When I first learned of this artwork, I knew that on the back of the canvas were the words “Valley of the Sun.” I spent a long time chasing my tail and spending money on magazines because my brain went to the serialized Kelland story “Arizona” that appeared in The Saturday Evening Post early in 1939. I thought I was so clever figuring that out based on the knowledge that The Post would often change story titles in the period between the assignment of the illustrations and their appearance in print. Well, my tunnel vision led me away from the fact that Kelland’s “Valley of the Sun” also was serialized in The Post later in 1939 through early 1940. So now I’m looking for the magazine to go with it... I guess that the moral of the story is that when one works by (and for) oneself, one misses the bandying about of ideas. Is this a solicitation for an employee? Well, no... I’m really just saying...

UPDATE: This appears on p. 27 of the January 20th, 1940 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. Caption read: “She walked to the side of her husband’s pony and held up her lovely face for his farewell kiss.”

A copy of the magazine is included with purchase of the art.

Price: $5,400 (+ $200 domestic shipping)


Artist Benton Clark (1895-1964)
Condition Recently cleaned and professionally relined onto new stretcher bars. Lighter blue toning at edges of canvas... a bit difficult to come up with a reason for it... ought not to be fading... perhaps a change of the paint in areas that were covered by the rabbet of the frame... these areas are not visible in the current framing, nonetheless they are there and an educated consumer needs to know about such things. Period and likely original frame.
Medium Oil on canvas en grisaille
Publication Information Story illustration for “Valley of the Sun” by Clarence Budington Kelland, which was serialized in The Post from December 1939 through April 1940.
Signature signed and dated (1939) lower right
Size 30 x 36”
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