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Peak, Bob

Price: $ 3,100.00

Description: Actors James Garner and Joe Santos of “The Rockford Files”

Comment: In its heyday and clearly this piece is from that period... TV Guide showcased most of the best illustrators of the time... AND importantly, on a consistent basis. Between TV Guide and Sports Illustrated, some of the best art by some of the best illustrators reached an enormous audience on a weekly basis. It’s pretty easy to be melancholy about the passage of that era.

Price: $3,100 (+ $100 domestic shipping)


Artist Bob Peak (1927-1992)
Condition Joe Santos’ head was slightly reworked and repositioned for publication. This is particularly visible towards the top left of his head and one can see a bit of a gap extending to the edge of the picture at right... this is typical of a lot of illustrators working on tight deadlines. Accompanied by a full copy of the magazine. Nicely framed.
Medium Mixed media, primarily watercolor
Publication Information Cover for TV Guide August 20th, 1977
Signature signed lower left
Size 30 x 22”
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