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Price, Norman

Price: $ 2,900.00

Description: Listening to opera records

Comment: The composition was more than likely used in more than one distinct format. I know for certain that the left half was used in a couple different variations. I attach an image that I found on the mighty internet. I only did a quick search, but imagine that the entire image was used as a double page spread, more than likely in a music specific publication. The Victrola itself would have been painted by one of the unsung advertising artists who were masters at the rendering of products but who almost never were credited. Most major advertisers, as well as their agencies would have had a stable of such behind-the-scenes talents. The image also appears on a website devoted to the career of Enrico Caruso... It is “The Mikado” being enjoyed the rapt audience.

Price: $2,900 (+ $100 domestic shipping)


Artist Norman Price (1877-1951)
Caption “Hearing the world’s greatest artists is an everyday pleasure with a Victorla”
Condition Excellent, modestly framed
Medium Gouache
Publication Information Advertisement for Victrola.
Signature signed lower left
Size 14.5 x 28.25”
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