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Nappi, Rudy

Price: $3,700.00

Description: Young couple on city rooftop

Comment: A talented and versatile illustrator, Nappi employed a variety of styles over his long and prolific career… this is from the period with which most people associate him… Let's call it the Urban Underbelly period. Tastefully framed and with museum glass… ready for your wall.

Price: $3,700 (+ $150 domestic shipping)


Artist Rudy Nappi (1923-2015)
Caption From the blurb on back of the book “The rowdy brothels, the dirty hallways, the seething streets of Yorkville-- this was where Mattie Dolan grew up and this was where he learned about life.”
Condition Excellent, tastefully framed
Medium Oil on board
Publication Information Cover art for The Future Mr. Dolan by Charles Gorham. Published by Pyramid Books, 1949.
Signature not signed
Size 21.5 x 13.5”
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