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Lowell, Orson

Price: $5,800.00

Description: American sailor with eagle and dove

Comment: I think it's fair to say that the world has changed quite a bit in the past hundred and four years or so… and yet. This is a very evocative image by the great Orson Lowell, whom most people think of as the follower of Charles Dana Gibson at the magazine. While there's still a humorous edge to it (primarily in the caricatures of the faces of the world leaders), it is, I think, the American sailor as a regular guy and not an overblown parody of American military might that made this a successful magazine cover piece. This goes way beyond the standard rattling of swords that accompanied much of the propaganda related to World War I. Interesting too is the date-- early 1914… so painted in 1913. The United States entry into “The Great War” was, of course, controversial right up until the moment we actively engaged in 1917. Attached you'll seen an admittedly “pirated” image of the magazine cover. I encourage anyone who buys original artwork from me and for which no publication is provided... Seek it out, it helps put the art in context and makes for a great conversation piece. For more on this fascinating period of U.S., and world, history you should check out the PBS production The Great War.

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Artist Orson Lowell (1871-1956)
Caption “Which bird?”
Condition Has been professionally relined, probably about twenty years ago. Nice and tasteful frame, ready to hang.
Medium Oil on canvas
Publication Information Cover for LIFE magazine for January 1st, 1914.
Signature signed lower right
Size 25.25 x 20.25”
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