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McGinnis, Robert

Price: $ 6,750.00

Description: Young man with bicycle on mansion's lawns.

Comment: As a general premise I think that the paperback covers of Bob McGinnis undoubtedly appeal more to men than to women. The reasons for this are likely obvious. When I've taken McGinnis' sexy paperback covers to shows, I have a lot of men saying “I love it, but my wife would kill me if I brought it home.” So, for all of the thwarted McGinnis owners out there, here's a good compromise. The signature wealth of detail and beauty that are McGinnis hallmarks yet in a placidly appealing setting. Having dismantled a ready excuse for those McGinnis lovers who fear death, here's your big chance. A copy of the book is included with the purchase.


Artist Robert McGinnis (b. 1926)
Condition Very good, framed.
Medium egg tempera
Publication Information Paperback book wraparound cover for Theophilus North by Thornton Wilder. Published by Avon Books, 1974.
Signature not signed.
Size 23.75 x 31.5”


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