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Miller, Tom

Price: $1,600.00

Description: Couple opposed – blue background.

Comment: Here’s a good case in point where there’s effective collaboration between the publisher and the artist. My point is that the title alone would have sold a lot of books (I think) and the art... Man, you could call it “Arrangement in Grey and Black” and people would still say “..... gotta read that...” Includes a copy of the book.


Artist Tom Miller (1913-2002)
Condition Very good, simple tasteful frame.
Medium Gouache on board
Publication Information Book cover design for Crack-Up in Suburbia by Jay Carr. Published by Monarch Books, 1952.
Literature Lead image for “The Life and Art of Tom Miller” by Lynn Munroe appearing in Illustration magazine, issue #46. (2014)
Signature signed center right .
Size 21 x 15.25”
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