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Peak, Bob

Price: $500.00

Description: Preliminary versions of movie poster designs.

Comment: Peak's approach to movie poster design was quite different than the typical method of presenting one sketch and making changes based on the art director's comments. Peak would do many similar subjects in the sketch stage (and sometimes even in the final stage). Presented with six or ten or twenty versions, the art director would often pick one that he or she liked without calling for revisions. It's as though Peak's head were so brimming with ideas that he just couldn't help himself.

* Price: $500.00 Each

Special: Purchase the group of four for $1800


Artist Bob Peak (1927-1992)
Condition As working drawings these were not really intended to stand the test of time. Some have light wear at edges, otherwise very good. Not framed
Medium Charcoal, pastel and (sometimes) collage elements
Publication Information None published, versions for approval for the film Impromptu, 1991.
Signature One of the four signed.
Size 23 x 18”, give or take 1/4” each
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