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Rodewald, Fred

Price: $4,850.00

Description:.Woman comforting whipped man

Comment: Whether the subject matter here is your cup of tea or not, you must admit that Rodewald knew how to paint skin and the effect of light falling on it. I'm pleased that this came to me with a full copy of the magazine, otherwise I'd be unlikely to have the opportunity to type the words “Blood-lusting demon and the overnight blonde” anytime this week. Of course writing this description led me on a 45-minute sojourn to try to figure out where the phrase “Blondes have more fun” came from originally. It was not a successful quest, but of course I've now got Rod Stewart's complete discography stuck in my head.

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Artist Fred Rodewald (1905-1955)
Caption “Blood-lusting demon and the overnight blonde”
Condition Very good and nicely framed.
Medium Gouache on board
Publication Information Cover for Detective Year Book of 1950.
Signature Signed lower right.
Size 17 x 12.5”
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