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Briggs, Austin

Price: $4,450.00

Description: Political convention.

Comment: I've pretty much made it a personal rule not to discuss politics or religion in my website listings and I still think that that is a good policy... I will say though that the behind-the-scenes maneuvering and the “smoke-filled rooms” that I remember learning about in college are pretty much a thing of the past. One can point to 24-hour news stations and the rise of social media for that. As for the picture itself, and here's one of the truly great things about the career of Austin Briggs... He was so far ahead of the curve compositionally that this read as a very... even jarringly... modern picture in the summer of 1948 when it appeared in print. Includes a full copy of the magazine.


Artist Austin Briggs (1909-1973)
Caption “The speech was over; the huge crowd sat in silence. He left the platform thinking he had betrayed his party, committed political suicide”
Condition Very good, light cleaning done very recently. Matted and tastefully framed.
Medium Ink and oil on board
Publication Information Story illustration for “Senator's Shadow” by Dana Burnet, appearing in
Signature signed lower left.
Size 25 x 18.75”
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