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Saunders, Norman

Price: $2,750.00

Description: Women chased from burning church

Comment: When it comes to the “sweat” magazines, often “true” is a relative term. But, I was heartened (guessing that that’s the right word) to learn that there actually was a John Murrell. Man oh man, that guy was something... assuming that we can believe what appears on that beacon of truth and accuracy, the internet. You can look him up. Saunders was one of those illustrators who was consistently good at taking a crumb of information and making an elaborate dessert from it.

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Artist Norman Saunders (1907-1989)
Caption “Was he saint or sinner-- saviour or ruthless killer? Here, for the first time, is the startling truth about John Murrell, he whom they called The Mad Preacher of Tennessee.”
Condition Very good, not framed.
Medium Gouache and ink en grisaille
Publication Information Story illustration for “The Mad Preacher of Tennessee” by John P. Schofield appearing in True Adventure magazine for August 1959.
Signature not signed
Size 15.25 x 22.25”
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