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Pyle, Katharine

Price: $6,250.00

Description: Standing child

Comment: The artist was the youngest sister of Howard Pyle, Father of American Illustration. Katharine set out mainly to be a writer... and for that matter was successful with that... but the DNA was undeniable and to a certain extent followed in her famous brother’s footsteps. Her work is as rare as hen’s teeth. I can only recall seeing a grand total of one of her other originals since I started in on this odyssey in 1983. So, those of you interested in women illustrators and particularly in the students and influences of Howard Pyle, my advice to you is not to assume that another will pop up anytime soon.

Price: $6,250 (+ $100 domestic shipping)


Artist Katharine Pyle (1863-1938)
Condition Sheet has become somewhat wavy over the years. Should, in my opinion be removed from the mount and be remounted to the same (signed) board. In a period frame.
Medium Pastel on paper, loosely mounted to a board.
Publication Information Most likely intended as a magazine cover illustration. Further information not readily known.
Signature signed on mounting board lower right
Size 23.5 x 10”
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