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Kane, Morgan

Price: $1,400.00

Description: Lounging redhead in red interior

Comment: Something that I’m in the habit of pointing out in my listings is the fact that there are plenty of illustrators who can express themselves very well with the use of a palette-full of colors... to me it’s the greats who can accomplish their goals with a limited palette but through a universe of values. One more opinion: This is pretty much of an insane bargain. I purchased it directly from a former owner and since it won’t fit onto my overstuffed walls, it’s best that it go to a loving home.

Price: $1,400 + $100 domestic shipping.


Artist Morgan Kane (b. 1916)
Condition There’s a bit of rubbing to the surface… Looks to me as though a (spray) varnishing would go a very long way. There’s crackling visible, especially on the dark side of her face. It is nowhere near as distracting as it appears in the extreme close-up that I’ve included here. If you’re more than about two feet from the surface, the cracquelure is not perceptible. Not framed. The masonite is nailed to stretcher bars, so it’s not warped or anything
Medium Oil on masonite
Publication Information Apparently unpublished... likely done for gallery exhibition.
Signature signed lower center and verso
Size 30 x 38”
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