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Meltzoff, Stanley

Price: $5,400.00

Description: Two industrial subjects

A: Beams and tools above harbor

B: Massive concrete form

Comment: When you think about what made Meltzoff most famous... the large underwater paintings of a variety of fish, you can look back at this period of his work and appreciate not just his painterly abilities... (after all, one can look at anything Stanley did and “get” that) but also the sense of scale... the huge dominating form painted up close despite the essentially limitless expanse of its location.

Price: $2,800 each (+ $100 domestic shipping each)... $5,400 the pair.


Artist Stanley Meltzoff (1917-2006)
Condition Good and appropriately framed to match
Medium Oil on canvas board: 21.25 x 30.25” and 23.5 x 30.5” respectively.
Publication Information Advertisements for United Engineers and each appeared in Fortune magazine. A: February 1958 B: March 1958,
Signature Signed or initialed on blueprints.
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