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Street, Frank

Price: $1,200.00

Description: Grouping of three pictures for a Willa Cather story

A: Mysterious couple in interior/ 27.5 x 15”/ initialed lower center

B: Man stealing book/ 22 x 10.5”/ initialed upper center

C: Man surprised at edge of precipice/ 29.25 x 12.5”/ not signed

Comment: Though not really a household name today... and the reasons for that are not all that clear... at least not to me... Street was a solidly popular illustrator of his day. Very much in the Harvey Dunn - Dean Cornwell- Dan Content - Saul Tepper style of illustrating. Thick bravura brushstrokes expressed in a manner designed to have text worked around them... as was very much the approach for a relatively brief period.

Price: $1,200 each... or, all three for $3,200.(+ $100 domestic shipping, whether one, two or three subjects)


Artist Frank Street (1893-1944)
Condition All are on brittle illustration board... none are framed. My suggestion would be (by which I mean, were I the one buying them, I would)... Get them archivally mounted to something sturdy (I can suggest who to contact for such services) and mat and frame them. You can see the beginning of a crack to the left edge of the second subject.
Medium Oil on board
Publication Information All for “The Professor’s House” by Willa Cather, which was serialized in Collier’s from (at least) June through (at least) July 1925. Though I’m not 100% certain about #B... only about 98%.
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