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Allen, Courtney

Price: $2,200.00

Description: Confrontation in a sled dog camp

Comment: I guess like just about everything I say in these comments, this is a matter of opinion: I think though that Allen is very underrated. In particular here he conveys well the narrative while providing a sense of the open expanses of the setting, while at the same time, mostly through the flattening of the background provides an almost claustrophobic sense of dread. Pretty clearly there’s going to be trouble.

Price: $2,200 + $150 domestic shipping.


Artist Courtney Allen (1896-1969)
Condition Small patch in the sky area, above the lying dog’s head. Framed in just about the single least impressive frame I can recall.
Medium Oil on canvas
Publication Information Apparently for The Saturday Evening Post, further specifics not yet known.
Signature Signed lower right
Size 28 x 42”
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