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Marchetti, Lou

Price: $1,900.00

Description: Woman lying on ground, killer by tree

Comment: One of the many things that makes my job interesting is when I'm convinced that I know something and turn out to be wrong… well, let's say “mistaken.” When this artwork first arrived here, I was ready to swear to it as a Rudy Nappi, it was mainly the woman's face that led me down that path. Perhaps it's just that the model is a model used frequently by Nappi, or perhaps Lou Marchetti used a piece of Nappi “scrap” from which to paint. Be that all as it may, so many of the paperback illustrators paired with the art directors for the publishers were so very adept at working the marriage of composition and type to fullest advantage. Accompanied by a copy of the book.

Price: $1,900 + $75 domestic shipping. 


Artist Lou Marchetti (attrib.) (1920-1992)
Condition Very good, matted, not framed.
Medium Gouache
Publication Information Paperback book cover for My Pal the Killer by Chester Warwick. Published by ACE Books as #F-107 (1961)
Signature not signed
Size 22.75 x 11.75”
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