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Delano, Gerard

Price: $9,750.00

Description: Cowboy aiming gun at viewer.

Comment: A piece such as this should really get the synapses of anyone who enjoys watching the ups and downs of the art market working. From a standpoint of visual communication, there's essentially no difference in the level of story-telling between this and any of the Delanos that have brought in the six- (and even, gasp, seven-) figure range at auction. What is different, is that this piece comes from before the time that the mention of the name “Delano” caused everyone in the room to take notice. My suspicion is that this was painted close on the heels of another illustrator having pilfered a Delano idea... I say that because not only is the back of the canvas stamped indelibly: “GERARD C. DELANO/ 172 East 75 ST/ NEW YORK/ N.Y.” but each bar of the stretchers gets the same treatment. Maybe he'd only recently gotten the stamp…

Price: $9,750 + $150 shipping


Artist Gerard Delano (1890-1972)
Condition Small patch to area of sky, overall very good. Suitably framed.
Medium Oil on canvas
Publication Information Cover for Frontier Stories of January 1931.
Signature Not signed, artist's name and address stamped on canvas back and on stretcher bars.
Size 23 x 17”
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