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Loomis, Andrew

Price: $11,500.00

Description: Woman and children popping popcorn

Comment: Loomis is a talent whose work I'm frequently asked for and it's exciting to have this original here. This is a museum quality piece showing effectively what Loomis did as well as (and one can argue, better than) pretty much anybody else. A sweet and quiet moment lovingly depicted. Loomis, of course, is more widely remembered than many of his period in part because of the series of art instructional books that he wrote… many of which remain in print to this day. I have a copy of the printed calendar… it didn't come in with the artwork but would be my gift to the purchaser.

Price: $11,500 (+ $150 domestic shipping)


Artist Andrew Loomis (1892-1959)
Caption “These Are My Jewels”
Condition Very good, though appears to have been cut down somewhat at the top in comparison to the published calendar. Nicely and substantially framed.
Medium Oil on canvas
Publication Information Calendar illustration for Thomas D. Murphy Co., 1941.
Signature Signed lower left
Size 38 x 32”
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