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Morgan, Wallace

Price: $700.00

Description: Interrogation scene in a tropical setting

Comment: Those of you who regularly read what I have to say… either here or in my “Picture(s) of the Week” know that I'm a dyed in the wool fan of Wallace Morgan and also will realize that I have a tendency to grapple with putting my finger on Why exactly I like a certain artist's work so much. As for Morgan in particular, I think a lot of my fondness has to do with how readily he adapts to the voice of the writer. His years in the newspaper business stood him in good stead. See how each character reads as an individual despite their definitely being “types.” I am on the trail of where this was reproduced. Certainly as a two page spread for a piece of fiction. Where, when and for whom are all things I'm interested in learning.

Price: $700 (+ $60 domestic shipping)


Artist Wallace Morgan (1873-1948)
Condition Sheet is evenly toned with age. Overall very good, not framed.
Medium Pen and ink and wash en grisaille
Publication Information Not known, almost certainly a two-page magazine spread with text underneath
Signature Signed lower left
Size 7.5 x 26.75”
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