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Unidentified, Artist

Price: $2,700.00

Description: Three Coca-Cola subjects

Comment: Excuse the reflection in these… individually shrinkwrapped… It used to be that people generally were, I think, more able to recognize that just because we don't agree on everything, we can still respect others. That seems to be pretty much out the window at this point. I bring this up because one of the first (and Yes there were plenty of earlier examples, but I'm only speaking from my experience) polarizations in our culture was Coca-Cola versus Pepsi. Rarely was there a situation where someone would say (again, in my experience) “Give me a carbonated drink with plenty of sugar and caramel coloring.” I am unapologetically a Coca-Cola person which is a big part of the reason that I own these. Of course, ownership comes with responsibility and in this case, I feel a bit bad that I don't have a good place to display them and so, I stand ready to send them down the road.

Price: $2,700 (+ $100 domestic shipping)


Artist Artist Unidentified (20th century)
Condition There is some loss of the pasted-down portions and of the lettering. Photos should show the pieces accurately. None framed.
Medium Gouache
Publication Information Coca-Cola. Probably designed for reproduction as an in-store display… would have been printed as three separate entities… almost akin to the old Burma Shave advertising technique. Come to think of it, these also could have worked equally well on three consecutive pages of a magazine.
Signature Not signed.
Size Vary a bit, but basically 16 x 21” each of the three
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