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Carter, Pruett

Price: $11,250.00

Description: Painting a model in a Hawaiian marina

Provenance: The information that I have is that Carter gave this to a relative at the time it was painted and that it's been handed down through that line ever since.

Comment: This came to me like a bolt out of the blue. I'll say that in my line of work sometimes it pays to answer the cell phone, even if you don't recognize the phone number. There’s a good story behind this… Carter gave it to a relative and it has been passed down through the family for the past 80-some years… as such it’s never been touched… no cleaning, revarnishing, reframing or anything else. It’s a testimony to previous owners that it’s in as good shape as it is…Carter's abilities remain fresh and vibrant to this day.

Price: $11,250 (+ $200 domestic shipping)


Artist Pruett Carter (1891 - 1955)
Caption “In those days they both had but one supreme objective… Crane was to be a renowned painter.” and “A man is sometimes so blinded by an ideal that he can't see beauty nearby.”
Condition Completely untouched… as such this really needs a good cleaning. No holes nor appreciable losses. A couple scattered areas where the paint has flaked a bit. These are documented in the detail photos. In it's original frame, which was repainted at some point (long ago).
Medium Oil on canvas
Publication Information Story illustration for Evening in Hawaii” by Arthur Tuckerman and appearing in the May 1937 issue of American magazine.
Signature Signed and dated ('36) lower right
Size 26 x 50”
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