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Cornwell, Dean

Price: $26,500.00

Description: Aftermath of a barroom fight

Comment: I think that Cornwell has probably become the single illustrator about whom I'm asked the most frequently. For my money, pretty much all discussions involving the function of illustrators in America must, of necessity, go through Cornwell. The history of Illustration is littered with great talents who are scarcely recalled twenty years later. Cornwell, on the other hand, has true staying power. A picture like this is right in his wheelhouse. Combined here are good story-telling and emotion while at the same time allowing us to see DC’s painterly and compositional abilities. Purchase includes a full copy of the magazine, which in and of itself is not such an easy thing to find.

Price: $26,500 (+ $200 domestic shipping)


Artist Dean Cornwell (1892-1960)
Caption “There stood Jerry Townsend, revolver in hand. And on the ground lay Ezra Jones-- dead because he had spoken the truth”
Condition Very good and contained in a serviceable frame
Medium Oil on canvas
Publication Information Story illustration for “Panama Passage” by Achmed Abdullah appearing in Hearst’s International combined with Cosmopolitan, June 1935.
Signature initialed and dated ‘34 lower left
Size 34 x 48” (stretched canvas)
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