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Kalin, Victor

Price: $1,700.00

Description: Stylized shadow of man, fleeing woman

Provenance: From the estate of the artist

Comment: It's funny… I usually wind up in hot water when I proclaim one piece… whether it's in Picture(s) of the Week, or on the website, as my favorite of the current installment. Oh well, I generally manage to ruffle someone's feathers anyway, so I guess that I'm on solid ground here. You see… long before I ever became a dealer of original American illustration art, I was a collector of vintage paperbacks. I guess I was responding to their portability as well as the power that such a small image of art could have to grab the reader and convince them to buy the book. Kalin was as inventive and resourceful in this regard as anyone. My regular readers will know that I've had a few through here in the last several years. Is every one a home run?, of course not… but he was proficient at a number of different approaches that really worked… let's call this one “graphic menace.” A copy of the paperback is included in the purchase price.

Price: $1,700 (+ $70 domestic shipping)


Artist Victor Kalin (1919 - 1991)
Condition Very good, not matted and not framed.
Medium Watercolor and gouache
Publication Information Paperback book cover for the 1957 Dell Books edition of Anne Chamberlain's The Tall Dark Man.
Literature Book is also shown in the profile that appeared in Illustration magazine (issue #43)
Signature Signed verso
Size 20 x 9.75”
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