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LoGrippo, Robert

Price: $1,300.00

Description: Fleeing townspeople, fire in the sky

Provenance: From a famous collection.

Comment: When I first saw this, I said… “That's got to be Robert LoGrippo.” Now, quite a while later, having removed the paper from the backing, my assumption has been borne out. I'd also have guessed that it was most likely for a Ballantine Adult Fantasy title… It's even got a number 2036 on back, so I make the logical leap to it being Ballantine Adult Fantasy book #02036. Well, as my Mrs. likes to say: “You can't be brilliant every day...” So, it's not that number from that publisher, but figures to be right around that period (early 1970s)

Price: $1,300 + $100 shipping


Artist Robert LoGrippo (b. 1947 )
Condition Intentional crackling… varnish seems uneven too though this is doubtlessly the intent. Modestly framed
Medium Oil on plywood and intentionally “distressed”
Publication Information Not readily known, though the artist did covers for the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series
Signature Signed verso
Size 14.75 x 18.75”
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