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Wilson, Jr. Mortimer

Price: $2,750.00

Description: Into the fireplace

Comment: Here's one of those instances where, at least to modern sensibilities, the illustration is a whole lot better than the fiction it illustrates. Thank goodness for illustrators, eh? Without the drama that Wilson conveys here, the whole package could seem hopelessly dated. I'll not ruin the story for you except to say that I always thought that my paternal Grandfather was the most stubborn person to ever walk the face of the Earth. I've been proven wrong. A copy of the magazine accompanies purchase of the artwork.

Price: $2,750 (+ $100 domestic shipping)


Artist Mortimer Wilson, Jr. (1906 - 1996)
Caption “His clenched hands came unlocked from behind his back, his feet stumbled forward. He couldn't let a woman burn before his eyes, even if she deserved to.”
Condition Light marks from stretcher bars, overall very good though could probably use a light cleaning, tastefully framed.
Medium Oil on canvas
Publication Information Story illustration for “Emmy for Sugar, Sarah for Salt” by Margaret Rhodes Peattie which appeared in The Saturday Evening Post of January 1st, 1941.
Signature Unsigned.
Size 32 x 36”
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