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Donshea, Clement

Price: $2,350.00

Description: Young girl drawing picture by lamplight

Provenance: Sold at Illustration House auction in 2000.

Comment: “Generally, the value of American illustration artwork trends upwards...” That's pretty much of a constant refrain that you'll hear from yours truly. I firmly believe that. Sometimes though, pictures will pop up at prices markedly below their value. I remembered this from my IH years and when I had the opportunity to purchase it recently, I did not hesitate. While Donshea's not exactly a household name, I find the picture itself very appealing… All of my artist-readers should be able to relate to this subject. I usually don't use the word masterpiece (unless I can't help it), but I think that this is probably the best piece that Donshea ever did.

Price: $2,350 (+ $100 domestic shipping)


Artist Clement Donshea (1881-1970)
Caption [I like lots of light]
Condition Very good, presented in what appears to be its original framing
Medium Oil on canvas mounted to board
Signature Signed lower right
Size 28.5 x 23.5”
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