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Calle, Paul

Price: $7,850.00

Description: U.F.O.'s over city

Comment: Listings on the website are, of course, not thematically grouped (unlike is sometimes the case for the Picture(s) of the Week listings. Were I dreaming up a theme for the current batch… which will almost certainly be spread to the winds in short order… it might just be “things that are difficult to photograph...” Artwork is behind a light-diffusing plexiglass which makes it a real bear to get a glare-free shot. I broke down and took it out of the frame, so you can appreciate what a fine picture it is. Calle came along late in The Post's successful run and so only did two covers for the magazine… this was his first and in my opinion far more successful artistically than the second. Here's another case where a collector needn't even know or appreciate Calle's contribution to American illustration to like the picture… flying saucers and a striking urban skyline should put this on a lot of collectors' wish list. A copy of the magazine accompanies purchase of the artwork.

Price: $7,850 (+ $100 domestic shipping)


Artist Paul Calle (1928-2010)
Condition Very good, matted and simply framed.
Medium Acrylic
Publication Information Cover for The Saturday Evening Post, December 17th, 1966. Relates to the article “Are Flying Saucers Real?” by J. Allen Hynek.
Signature Signed lower left
Size 19 x 15.25 ”
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