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Freas, Frank Kelly

Price: $2,400.00

Description: Alien space craft taking off

Comment: Maybe it's not exactly crack salesmanship to say this, but… I like the fact that this picture does not relate to the contents of a specific story within the pages of the cited magazine. To me the notion of having something specifically match a narrative that cannot be, or at least cannot be as of the time of publication, is something that I don't particular embrace about science fiction/ fantasy art generally. So, here's something well-executed and just open-ended enough. Is taking off, or is it landing What's the scale of the craft? The background makes it feel tiny, yet the craft itself seems huge. Hey, maybe I am starting to “get” the appeal of this type of picture…

Price: $2,400 (+ $80 domestic shipping)


Artist Frank Kelly Freas (1922-2005)
Caption “The First Colony,” which does not seem to relate to a specific story in the publication.
Condition Very good, matted and framed.
Medium Gouache and acrylic
Publication Information Cover illustration for Amazing Stories, May 1992.
Signature Signed and dated ('91) lower right
Size 16.5 x 11.5”
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