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Ludlow, Mike

Price: $750.00

Description: Couple on beach holding hands

Comment: Usually when I show a picture on the website, I tend to crop it to show just what could be considered the “live” image area… This time I left (most) of the rest of the board. I do this because quite a few of my customers like to see the areas outside of the main image area, where typically the illustrator was testing out colors. I do though have an ulterior motive this time… As a second image on this listing you'll see how this image was reproduced in the magazine. I've looked at it pretty closely and do believe that the art that's here is the same as the art in the magazine (as shown in an image that I pirated from the internet), except… for the reproduction in the magazine, the publishers opted to add an overall blue. Somehow the color choice lends to the comfortable and loving sense conveyed by the composition. You'll notice too in the main photo that the black is deeper towards the edges and so it's overall a bit “sunned.” This doesn't really bother me in that neither the art as it stands nor with a deeper black would have matched exactly the reproduction in the magazine. This used to be more expensive, but I purchased it from the former owner this fall and now I'm cutting it loose.

Price: $750 (+ $60 domestic shipping)


Artist Mike Ludlow (1921--2010)
Caption [not known]
Condition Very good, neither matted nor framed.
Medium Watercolor and gouache
Publication Information Apparently Woman's Day, September 1955
Signature Signed lower right
Size 16.5 x 12.75”
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