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Brown, Reynold

Price: $1,600.00

Description: Overland stage coming through town

Comment: I count myself fortunate to have a very good relationship with many illustrator's families and surely the family of Reynold Brown is no exception. When I first saw an image of this, I immediately turned to them for help in identifying the client for the artwork. For me it was a headscratcher because it didn't quite read as a movie poster artwork and yet had a very cinematic quality about it. It felt as though the people depicted were almost recognizable; so maybe for a B-movie, I thought. Come to find out that the art was done as an advertisement for El Paso Natural Gas. This dates from a period when Brown was getting away from the movie work and was concentrating more on other types of Illustration. Still, though, the lessons that he learned (or maybe I should say 'taught himself') working for the studios had not worn off. Includes a nice piece of Brown's lettering on back as shown in the second image.

Price: $1,600 (+ $75 domestic shipping)

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