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English, Mark

Price: $1,250.00

Description: Family gathered at wake.
Comment: In addition to the story credits that appear above, there’s something else tantalizing that is written on the back of the art... see photo of the back of the art... “1st try by Mark English”. So, maybe that means it wasn’t published. Why would one write “1st try,” if there wasn’t a 2nd? And why do a second if the first was published. Regardless, if you like the American Illustration of the 1960s... and like any other period there were practitioners who were truly brilliant (like Mark English) and those who were equally un-brilliant (like.... Gee, you didn’t actually think I’d name names, did you?)... here’s a great example and at less than $2,000 it’s pretty tough to go wrong with this as an acquisition.


Artist Mark English 1933 - 2019
Caption not known
Condition Appears to have four distinct vertical panels... simple backing is solid, most likely individual paper strips laid down separately. Very good, not framed.
Medium Mixed, primarily acrylic on board
Publication Information Apparently a story illustration for “The Old Man in the House” by Ray Conway. Place and date of publication not readily known.
Signature not signed
Size 21.5 x 21”
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