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Georgi, Edwin

Price: $2,950.00
Description:   Woman stopping man at door. 
Comment:  I guess that an awful lot of collectors think of Edwin Georgi as …’simply’… a brilliant colorist and depicter of female beauty. This piece proves that there was really a lot more to him than ‘just’ someone who could paint a pretty face. It’s the suspense and danger that make this a real winner in my book. He also comes through here as a fine storyteller… with just the swinging of the woman’s earring to indicate the rushed movement of the scene… all the time allowing for the innocent enthusiasm that our heroine will soon regret. Sorry, I no longer have the magazine, but it doesn’t seem to be a hard one to buy on the internet. 
Price: $2,950  (includes domestic shipping)


Artist Edwin Georgi (1896-1964)
Caption “Frances Maguire stood there, the living proof that he had been there. How the little ham would enjoy testifying. ”
Condition Excellent. Nicely framed with museum glass.
Medium Gouache and watercolor
Publication Information Story illustration for “Cry Murder” by Nancy Rutledge, appearing in the November 23rd, 1953 issue of The Saturday Evening Post.
Signature not signed
Size 15 x 13.75”
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