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Terry, William

Price: $14,000.00
Description:  Abduction nearby white rocket ship
Comment: Here’s an instance where… and I think it happens in science fiction more frequently than many subject-driven genres… it’s all about the ‘summing-up’ off what makes a picture interesting. Surely this touches just about all the bases… Menace… Danger… the Unknown… need I continue? I think not, I’ll let you make your own story and reach your own conclusions about what’s happening/ about to happen. This is a very appealing piece and belongs on the wall of a museum… and I can probably even tell you which museum. Have the magazine to accompany purchase of the art. 
Price: $14,000  (includes domestic shipping)


Artist William Terry (1921-1992)
Condition Excellent condition, tastefully framed and ready for the wall.
Medium Watercolor, gouache and ink
Publication Information Cover for Imagination magazine for August 1954, illustrating the story “Phantom World” by Daniel F. Galouye.
Signature not signed
Size 12.5 x 10.75”
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