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Frost, Arthur Burdett

Price: $2,300.00

Description: Riverscape.

Comment: This came to me indirectly from a dealer who had many works by Orson Lowell. Though I can’t seem to find the source at present, I recall reading that Orson Lowell worked as an assistant for JC and FX Leyendecker in their studio near the New York Public Library. I suspect and it's entirely possible that the "Frank" to whom this is inscribed is, in fact, FX Leyendecker and that Frank either gave it to Lowell or that Lowell acquired it after FX's death... could even have been willed to him.


Artist Arthur Burdett Frost (1851-1928)
Condition Very good, recently cleaned. This is in what figures to be its original frame
Medium Oil on wood panel
Publication Information not published.
Literature See Henry Reed’s book on Frost for a discussion of Frost’s paintings from the Paris period. Turns out that Frost destroyed many of his French landscapes because he wasn't happy with them. The fact that this not only survived but was highly enough thought of to be presented to someone is testimony of Frost’s opinion of the painting.
Signature signed and dated (“A.B. Frost/ Paris 1907”) in lower left. Work is also inscribed “Frank from A.B.” in lower right.
Size 14.25 x 10.75”
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