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Georgi, Edwin

Price: $9,000.00

Description: Standing woman ready to leave, man in bed smoking.

Comment: I guess if there's one single illustrator, at the very least in this batch that doesn't need comment from me, it would be Edwin Georgi. If you're looking at this page, chances are very good that you know what made him great... Or at least what I think made him great... One aspect of which is the capturing of an instant of time with a thoroughness and attention to detail that makes it read as very real... as though it's a moment from our lives. Here's a bit of a turn of the tables... the media of the 1950s tell us that it's a man's place to be the one to say “...I gotta get going...”


Artist Edwin Georgi (1896-1964)
Caption “‘We understand each other,’ she said, ‘without a lot of fencing. That’s one reason I came with you.’"
Condition Very good, simple but appropriate frame.
Medium Gouache
Publication Information Story illustration for “The Sun is My Shadow” by Robert Wilder, Cosmopolitan magazine, August 1960.
Signature not signed.
Size 21.75 x 18”
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