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Hoff, Guy

Price: $3,000.00

Description: Elegant woman in white evening gown.

Comment: The artist did work for a variety of publications and this piece was almost certainly shown on the cover of one of them. It could also easily be an advertising piece from the soft-sell years... the beauty of the woman would have been enough to get the consumer's attention without having to strong-arm them with the product itself. Pretty much without fail when my wife and I see a well-dressed woman in 1940's clothes either on television or in print... as it's a real rarity on the streets of central Wyoming... one of us will say words to the effect of “Isn't it nice that real clothes are back in style?” That was my reaction when this piece arrived here... she's elegant without being in the least bit dated... I guess she has a modern face.

Price: $3,000 including domestic shipping


Artist Guy Hoff (1889-1962)
Condition Very good. In original frame.
Medium Pastel
Publication Information Not readily known.
Signature signed lower right.
Size 39.5 x 29”
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