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Howitt, John Newton

Price: $5,400.00

Description: The Spirit of Commerce.

Comment: It's a bit difficult to put an exact date to this, but seems most likely that it's within five years on either side of World War II... more likely before than after. There are collectors out there who know a lot more about such things than do I. I'd be happy to hear from anyone who can pin it down. As an aside, the scientist at right is a self-portrait of the illustrator.


Artist John Newton Howitt (1885-1958)
Condition Good, recently cleaned. The work shows crackling throughout... as is typical of an oil on canvas of this size... a relining would certainly virtually eliminate the distraction, which ultimately isn't all that distracting anyway. Modestly framed.
Medium Oil on canvas
Publication Information Not readily known, but almost certainly a calendar design illustration.
Signature Signed lower right.
Size 37.25 x 25.75”
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