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Leone, John

Price: $4,150.00

Description: Pirates and captured young woman.

Comment: Initially appearing, as it did, in full color and as a double-page spread at that... this John Leone illustration was clearly deemed “a cut above” most of the sweat magazine material even as late as the late-1950’s. That said, Argosy was certainly among the top ranks of such publications and Leone among the top practitioners. Personally what I love about this piece is the fact that Leone changed the captured figure allowing for a second lucrative usage. Includes a copy of the earlier magazine.


Artist John Leone (1929-2011)
Caption not known for this usage
Condition Very good, not framed.
Medium Oil on board
Publication Information Originally used as a story illustration for “Curse of the Spanish Treasure” by Ramon Valdes which appeared in Argosy of November 1959. The captured man was changed to a captured woman (and a shapely one at that) for the second use.
Signature signed lower left.
Size 18.5 x 26.75”
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