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McCauley, Harold

Price: $5,950.00

Description: Conflict in the canoe.

Comment: In the world of the pulp magazines, there were the great and important titles, the lesser titles, the obscure titles and the far-fetched short-lived titles. South Sea Stories fits into that last category. Lasting just five issues one can't hardly help but wonder whether the editors simply ran out of stories of the south seas, or whether insufficient numbers of readers cared. Includes a copy of the magazine.

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Artist Harold McCauley (1913-1977)
Condition At some point in the life of this painting, the background was overpainted, replacing the blue sky and white clouds with a middle green tone. At that time too, the oar was partially obscured. Looking at the painting now there's not evidence that damage was being tended to. In a fantastically exuberant frame.
Medium Oil on canvas mounted to board
Publication Information Cover for South Seas Stories of August 1940, illustrating “Trouble on Tumoa” by A.R. Steber.
Signature signed lower right.
Size 26 x 22”
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