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Illustration Art

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  Name Description Manufacturer Price Location Medium Additional data
Kalin, Victor $1,700.00
Watercolor and gouache
ArtistVictor Kalin (1919 - 1991)
Kley, Heinrich $3,800.00
Pen and ink
ArtistHeinrich Kley (1863-1945)
Kohfield, Dick $600.00
Oil on canvas mounted to board
ArtistDick Kohfield (1931-2012)
Kohfield, Dick $400.00
Oil on board
ArtistDick Kohfield (1931-2012)
Kronengold, Adolph $500.00
Gouache or tempera
ArtistAdolph Kronengold (1900-1986)
Künstler, Mort $2,400.00
Gouache en grisaille
ArtistMort Künstler (b. 1931)