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Illustration Art

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  Name Description Manufacturer Price Location Medium Additional data
Stilwell-Weber, Sarah $4,650.00
Oil on canvasboard
ArtistSarah Stilwell-Weber (1878 - 1939)
Stoops, Morton Herbert $1,600.00
Oil on canvas
ArtistHerbert Morton Stoops (1887-1948)
Street, Frank $1,200.00
Oil on board
ArtistFrank Street (1893-1944)
Tauss, Herb $1,400.00
Oil on board
ArtistHerb Tauss (1929-2001)
Tauss, Herb $1,100.00
Oil on board
ArtistHerb Tauss (1929-2001)
Unidentified, Artist $850.00
oil on canvas mounted on panel
ArtistArtist Unidentified (active 1980s)
Unidentified, Artist $1,150.00
Watercolor and gouache primarily en grisaille
ArtistArtist Unidentified (active 1950s-60s)
Unidentified, Artist $2,500.00
Unidentified, Artist $2,100.00
Oil on board
ArtistArtist Unidentified (early 20th century)
Unidentified, Artist $2,700.00
ArtistArtist Unidentified (20th century)
Unidentified, Artist $5,150.00
Oil on canvas
ArtistArtist Unidentified (active 1950's)
von Schmidt, Harold $4,250.00
Oil on canvas
ArtistHarold von Schmidt (1893-1982)
von Schmidt, Harold $950.00
Gouache en grisaille
ArtistHarold von Schmidt (1893-1982)
Ward, E.F. $2,850.00
Oil on canvas
ArtistE.F. Ward (1892-1991)
Wenzell, Albert Beck $3,450.00
oil on canvas en grisaille
ArtistAlbert Beck Wenzell (1864-1917)
Whitmore, Coby $1,450.00
Oil and oil pastel on masonite
ArtistCoby Whitmore (1913-1988)
Whitmore, Coby $7,400.00
Acrylic on board
ArtistCoby Whitmore (1913-1988)
Wicks, Ren $1,400.00
Appears to be mainly acrylic, gouache and pencil en grisaille on board
ArtistRen Wicks (1911-1988)
Wilson, Jr. Mortimer $2,750.00
Oil on canvas
ArtistMortimer Wilson, Jr. (1906 - 1996)
Wilson, Rowland $2,600.00
Ink and watercolor
ArtistRowland Wilson (1930-2005)