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Illustration Art

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Price: $2,650.00
ArtistBernie Fuchs (1932-2009)
Price: $2,800.00
ArtistBernie Fuchs (1932-2009)
Price: $2,650.00
ArtistStan Galli (1912-2009)
MediumInk and gouache
Price: $1,450.00
ArtistStan Galli (1912-2009)
MediumGouache on board
Price: $7,350.00
ArtistEdwin Georgi (1896-1964)
MediumMixed media
Price: $6,000.00
ArtistCharles Dana Gibson (1867-1944)
MediumPen and ink
Price: $2,450.00
ArtistFrank Godwin (1889-1959)
MediumPen and ink, watercolor and gouache
Price: $4,850.00
ArtistLeon Gordon (1889-1943)
MediumOil on canvas
Price: $6,500.00
ArtistWalter Gotschke (20th century)
MediumGouache and ink
Price: $850.00
ArtistFrederic Rodrigo Gruger (1871-1953)
Price: $2,500.00
ArtistRichard Harvey (b. 1940)
Price: $2,600.00
ArtistPete Hawley (1916-1996)
Mediumpencil, though from surface reflection, this may well instead be a lithocrayon or something similar
Price: $6,600.00
ArtistWilliam Heaslip (1898-1970)
MediumOil on canvas
Price: $3,800.00
ArtistJohn Held, Jr. (1889-1958)
Price: $3,850.00
ArtistGuy Hoff (1889-1962)
Price: $44,500.00
ArtistZack Hogg (ca. 1900-1983)/ N.C. Wyeth (1882-1945)
Medium Oil on canvas
Price: $2,800.00
ArtistLudwig Hohlwein (attrib.) (1879-1949)
MediumWatercolor and gouache on lightweight illustration board
Price: $1,800.00
ArtistWill Hollingsworth (1891-1975)
MediumGouache and watercolor
Price: $850.00
ArtistJim Howard (20th/21st cent.)
MediumCharcoal, pen and ink and watercolor en grisaille
Price: $950.00
ArtistMaud Humphrey (1865-1940)