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Illustration Art

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  Name Description Manufacturer Price Location Medium Additional data
Unidentified, Artist
Brown, Reynold
Kronengold, Adolph
Gouache or tempera
ArtistAdolph Kronengold (1900-1986)
Parker, Al
ArtistAl Parker (1906-1985)
Wenzell, Albert Beck
oil on canvas en grisaille
ArtistAlbert Beck Wenzell (1864-1917)
Redmond, Alec
Oil on canvas
ArtistAlec Redmond (1902-1975)
Leydenfrost, Alexander
Charcoal and pencil
ArtistAlexander Leydenfrost (1888-1961)
Sewell, Amos
ArtistAmos Sewell (1901-1983)
Marty, Andre Edouard
ArtistAndre Edouard Marty (1882-1974)
Friberg, Arnold
ArtistArnold Friberg (attrib.) (1913-2010)
Frost, B. Arthur
Charcoal and wash
ArtistArthur B. Frost (1851-1928)
Frost, Arthur Burdett
Oil on wood panel
ArtistArthur Burdett Frost (1851-1928)
Brown, Arthur William
ArtistArthur William Brown (1881-1966)
Unidentified, Artist
ArtistArtist Unidentified (20th century)
Unidentified, Artist
Oil on canvas
ArtistArtist Unidentified (active 1950's)
Unidentified, Artist
Watercolor and gouache primarily en grisaille
ArtistArtist Unidentified (active 1950s-60s)
Unidentified, Artist
oil on canvas mounted on panel
ArtistArtist Unidentified (active 1980s)
Unidentified, Artist
Oil on board
ArtistArtist Unidentified (early 20th century)
Stahl, Ben
Most are oil on either board or masonite, a couple are ink and pencil on board
ArtistBen Stahl (1910-1987)
Baz, Ben-Hur
ArtistBen-Hur Baz (1906-2003)